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Business Valuation

A business valuation can give you the facts you need to make a sound financial decision. Guided Wealth analyzes 25 data sources to give you a streamlined, reliable, and accurate valuation for your business. Get started using our assessment below!

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Many people wait to value their business until it's time to sell. However, waiting that long can leave money on the table at the time of your sale. Further, this valuable information is useful for any business owner's day-to-day decision making. See our list of reasons why you need an accurate business valuation: 

  • Performing accurate annual/quarterly financial planning
  • Estimating insurance coverage
  • Attracting investors
  • Raising capital 
  • Informing business growth and expansion 
  • Estimating legal/tax planning 
  • Preparing for retirement 
  • Setting and attaining long-term goals 
  • Designing key-employee incentive plans
  • And of course, completing the sale or exit of your business 


While business valuations are important, certified valuations are only applicable to certain planning challenges and not necessary for the basic planning needs described above. Further, a certified business valuation can take weeks and can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000.

At Guided Wealth, we charge rates as low as $2,995 for standalone valuations with a much faster turn around time, thanks to our premium software and expertise. For a fraction of the time and money, we can provide an accurate estimate for your planning needs! Starting with a real-time business valuation, we measure your key value drivers and benchmark your business against industry competitors so you know where you stand.

Watch our video below to learn more! 

VIDEO: Business Valuation

Do you know the worth of your greatest asset? Watch our video to learn the true value of a business valuation and how Guided Wealth can help you get an accurate estimate.

Understand Your Worth

Gain a deeper understanding of your greatest asset.

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Ensure you have the proper amount of insurance for your business.

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Know the facts for a more comprehensive retirement or estate plan.

Know Your Potential

Determine ways you can further improve your business.