About Guided Wealth Management

Independent Advice

Guided Wealth is an independent financial services firm whose focus is mainly retirement. Unlike many large corporate financial firms whose representatives are aligned with a specific company or product, we are independent. Working through our broker/dealer NEXT Financial Group, INC., we have access to hundreds of investment and insurance solutions. In short, we can do whatever is in your best interest.


We all remember the story. Noah took a limited amount of people and animals onto his boat. Once the doors were closed he set sail. Like Noah, we realize that there is a certain amount of clients that we can serve fully. Our goal is to limit that number so that we are fully engaged with each of our clients, and no one gets lost!

No Extra Service Fees

A good number of our clients prefer our fee based programs. By charging a percentage of your invested assets each year, we are compensated according to how we perform for you. Also, there is usually no cost to get in and no cost to get out of our fee based programs. Finally, you are never charged for client meetings, visits or phone calls.

Multiple Solutions

While some advisors seek to solve your needs with one product (usually indexed annuities or mutual funds), at Guided Wealth we have access to multiple solutions. Through our many relationships we can offer mutual funds, stocks, bonds, brokerage cds, money markets, ETFs, fixed annuities, indexed annuities, variable annuities, immediate annuities, traded and non-traded REITs, and more. We have the resources to do what we believe is in your best interest.

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