Frequently Asked Questions about Guided Wealth Management


Who is NEXT Financial Group, Inc.?

NEXT Financial Group, Inc. is an independent broker/dealer. Advisors who align with NEXT have access to hundreds of investment choices. Also, NEXT advisors are supervised by the firm in an effort to follow FINRA rules and guidelines.  

How much do you charge?

Guided Wealth Investment Professionals often work on a fee basis charging a percentage of your portfolio yearly. The fee is a percentage of your account and is normally deducted from your account.  

What's your smallest account?

Guided Wealth can work with any size investment portfolio. We believe our average investor has approximately $300,000.00 while our smallest investors have under $25000. Our wealthiest investors are worth over several million.  

Who are your clients?

Many of our clients are retirees from large corporations like Pfizer and Verizon. We also have many business owners.  

How are you different?

First, we believe that times change. What worked in the past may not be the best strategy for right now. We offer many tactical investment plans that try to time the market. These strategies worked very well in the recent market downturns.

Second, we believe that investing in your retirement years is very different from investing in your pre-retirement years. We believe that people who go into retirement with a pre-retirement investment philosophy are in severe danger of running out of money.

Third, we can't say it enough. We are independent.

Finally, by giving you the big picture using our Guided Vision, we believe you'll have an easy to understand path to a secure retirement!


Do you work with nonprofits?

Yes! We would be delighted to tailor a porfolio for you.  

What is tactical management?

Instead of investing in something and hoping that it goes up. We try to get into those areas of the stock and bond markets that we believe are appropriate or suitable. We believe there's always something doing well. Our job is to move you into those areas when the time is right.  

What is a discretionary account?

This is an account that gives your money manager the ability to make changes in your portfolio whenever he or she sees fit. There is usually a fee for such an account. The fee is often a percentage of the portfolio.  

What is an annuity?

An annuity is a contract with a life insurance company that allows your investment to grow tax deferred. A fixed annuity is an annuity that pays a guaranteed rate for a specific period of time. There are also variable, indexed and immediate annuities. At Guided Wealth we have access to dozens of annuities from dozens of insurance companies. If an annuity is what you need, we'll find the appropriate or suitable one for you!  

Do you sell life insurance?

Yes we can. We are not aligned with one life insurance company. We also don't believe that life insurance is an investment, but if you need life insurance we'll find a policy that is appropriate or suitable for you.  

Do you sell Long Term Care Insurance?

Yes. We offer multiple solutions in this area as well.  

Do some annuities offer guaranteed income for life?

Yes. Income for life is why annuities were created many years ago. We have access to dozens of annuities that offer income for life. We can show you multiple policies to get to the appropriate or suitable annuity for you if, in fact, an annuity is what you want and need.

*Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.







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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck