Frequently Asked Questions about Guided Wealth Management

Who is NEXT Financial Group, Inc.?

NEXT Financial Group, Inc. is an independent broker/dealer. Advisors who align with NEXT have access to hundreds of investment choices. Also, NEXT advisors are supervised by the firm in an effort to follow FINRA rules and guidelines.

How much do you charge?

Every client is different.  Many of our clients will pay a small percentage of their account size which is usually deducted from the account on a quarterly basis. We believe that puts our interests directly in line with your interests.  Other clients may wish to invest in commissionable alternative solutions that may turn out to be less expensive over time.  We will disclose all fees in our first meeting so that you are comfortable moving forward.

How are you different?

If you’ve watched enough TV, you’ve seen at least two different retirement commercials.  In the first type, the adviser wants to protect your retirement from market crashes. To achieve this goal, this type of adviser typically sells indexed annuities.  In the second type of commercial, the adviser thinks annuities are retirement blunders.  This adviser offers a fee-based solution of individual stocks and bonds to solve your retirement need. How we are different is that we can show you the pros and cons of each approach to help design the plan that’s best for you.

What other services do you offer?

We help you decide when to take Social Security, how to best leave money to your children or charities, when to do Roth IRA conversions, how to protect against Long Term Care, and much more.

Do you do taxes?

At this point we do not do tax returns, but we do work with your accountant to design a tax strategy for you.

Where can I learn more?

This web site is full of articles and flip books that will help you toward your goal of financial independence. It is best to contact us for a no-cost interview. We will ask you to bring a list of what you own, what you owe, what pensions you might have, and what your social security payments you expect.

What is a discretionary account?

This is an account that gives us the ability to make changes in your portfolio whenever we see fit. There are no commissions charged in this account as it is a fee-based account. The fee is often a small percentage of the portfolio value deducted on a quarterly basis.

Do you sell Long Term Care Insurance?

Yes. We offer multiple solutions in this area as well.

Do some annuities offer guaranteed income for life?

Yes. Income for life is why annuities were created many years ago. We have access to dozens of annuities that offer income for life. We can show you multiple policies to get to the appropriate or suitable annuity for you if, in fact, an annuity is what you want and need.

*Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.

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