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The BIG Idea!

Having worked with many retirees, we've explored multiple ways of providing lifetime income for our clients.  We use an easy to understand template that we call your BIG retirement solution.  It’s a bucket plan but it’s not your dad’s bucket plan.  We think you’ll enjoy our easy to understand retirement solution designed just for you.

Portfolio Design

At Guided Wealth, we work with dozens of management companies to design the right portfolio for you.  We can use stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs.  We use "buy and hold" as well as "tactical" strategies.  We use investment companies that you are familiar with and are known in the community. We will gauge your risk tolerance and work within those parameters to meet your goals.

Social Security Planning

When to retire and when to take Social Security are two separate decisions.  We will take you through the math and science needed to discover what is best for you.

Tax Planning

At Guided Wealth, we do not do tax returns, but we work with your accountant to minimize your overall taxes.  We will consider Roth Conversions and bracket bumping techniques. We will also look at the effect inheritance taxes may have on your accounts.

Legacy Planning

Many of our clients want to know what happens to their accounts should something happen to them.  We will give you ideas and work with your attorney to make sure that what you want to happen does happen.  We will help you with account set up and beneficiary designations.  We can also look at Special Needs Trusts and more.

Long Term Care

As independent agents, we have access to multiple insurance carriers.  Some of our plans include life insurance solutions that pay a benefit no matter if you need care or not.  We can design a plan for your specific situation.

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